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As you near the end of your pregnancy, you may wish to know how well your baby is growing. Our growth scan will provide you with an estimation of your baby’s weight at the time of your scan.

What is a Growth Scan?

You will be able to see how your baby is changing and developing and take some time to bond with baby before they arrive.

During this scan the Sonographer will perform measurements of your baby

All of these measurements are obtained by producing images which include anatomical landmarks to ensure the correct measurement is being made. By producing these measurements our ultrasound equipment uses a formula to estimate the weight of your baby. The measurements produced are displayed on growth charts.

Others checks the sonographer will make during your Growth scan are:

  • Fetal heartbeat check
  • Presentation: this is the position your baby is lying within the uterus. This may be Cephalic (head down), Breech (head up), Transverse (across the uterus) or Oblique (diagonal)
  • Placental Location: this is to check the position of the placenta. The placenta may be anterior (along the front of the uterus), posterior (along back), fundal (along the top) or lateral (at the side). We will check whether the placenta is low lying. This is where it reaches or covers the internal Os which is the exit for your baby.
  • Amniotic Fluid Volume: this is the amount of amniotic fluid (waters) around your baby
  • It may be necessary to check the blood flow through the umbilical cord
  • Baby’s gender if requested
  • Free 4D Peek if your baby is in a favourable position
  • Printed black and white images.
  • Can only be completed, provided growth measurements have not bee completed within the previous 14 day period.
Cost: £90

Growth Scan and a free 4D Peek form 28 weeks

A Growth scan can be performed form 28 weeks up until 36 weeks.

Measurements include:

  • Head Circumference (HC): A measurement around your baby’s head
  • Abdominal Circumference (AC): A measurement around your baby’s abdomen
  • Femur Length (FL): A measurement of your baby’s femur

We will discuss the scan and issue you with a full scan report to present to your usual health professionals. Following this scan a referral to your booking hospital may be arranged.

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