Endometrial thickness

We know that struggling to conceive can often leave you with many questions. You may have chosen to undergo fertility treatment either in the UK or abroad. If you are undergoing a frozen IVF transfer, your clinic may ask you to undertake a scan for Endometrial Thickness.

During your scan, one of our qualified and experienced sonographers will:

  • Measure the thickness of the endometrium
  • Comment on its appearance (i.e., trilaminar)
  • Comment on any pathology relating to the endometrium (i.e., a polyp)
  • Perform a brief examination of both ovaries to exclude an ovarian cyst/follicle.

The Sonographer will then produce a report for you. We will send this report to you via email so you can forward it to your fertility clinic.

This is a one-off scan, if you require Follicle Tracking through your cycle, please learn more about that on our Follicle Tracking page.

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