Gender Scan with 4D Peek

From the moment you take a positive pregnancy test, you may be eager to find out the gender of your baby – that’s why at Babyvision we offer our Gender scan with a 4D Peek from 15 weeks, up until 28 weeks.

During your 15 minute appointment, one of our qualified and experienced sonographers will perform an initial scan in 2D (black and white imaging), to determine and show you your baby’s gender. The Sonographer will then show you around your baby in 4D.

This scan is available for a single or multiple pregnancy (however please advise if multiple as additional time may be required to determine the gender of your babies). For multiple pregnancy we can only offer this between 16-24 weeks.

If you wish to purchase extra images of your baby to share with family and friends, you can add 3x images for an additional cost of £5.

Though we will always endeavour to determine your baby’s gender during your scan, in some circumstances we may not be able to determine your baby’s gender. If this is the case, we will firstly ask you to take a seat in the waiting room or take a short walk around our premises before scanning you again. If, in the rare event we are unable to determine your baby’s gender, a repeat visit will be offered to be booked on a different date, at no additional charge.

Please note, the 4D Peek is subject to your baby’s position during the appointment. If the Sonographer is unable to perform the 4D Peek, you will be charged only for the cost of the 2D Gender scan.

Cost: £75

The Gender scan with a 4D Peek will include:

  • Baby’s gender
  • A 4D Peek
  • A fetal wellbeing check(a check of your baby’s heartbeat)
  • Time to enjoy bonding with your baby
  • 2x single black & white thermal prints
  • Optional USB available with video clips and still images additional cost of £10 (this must be requested at your appointment, prior to the Sonographer performing the scan.)

The perfect surprise awaits

If you do not wish to know your baby’s gender at the time of the scan we can write this down for you to take away in an envelope to open when you feel ready or if you want to keep this a secret until your gender reveal party.

We also sell gender reveal items including, scratch cards, confetti cannons, and Christmas baubles.

Confidence in accuracy


If we are unable to determine your baby’s sex we will invite you back at a later date with no additional charge. Payment will be taken at your initial appointment.

Why is Babyvision so accurate?

Research shows that ultrasound can not give 100% accuracy, however at Babyvision we only have fully qualified and experienced Ultrasonographers and use state of the art ultrasound equipment to produce high quality images. We also understand the devastation and financial cost implications that it can cause when you are told the sex of your baby only to find out later this was wrong.

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