Frequently Asked Questions

We’re here to help, if you have any questions please read out FAQs below or get in touch with us today.

Yes. You do not need a referral from your doctor.

We can offer you a scan from as early as 6 weeks. We calculate this by using the following dates: the length of your regular menstrual cycle, the date you took your first positive pregnancy test, or the date of your IVF transfer (if applicable).

We then must wait 2 weeks from the date of your first positive pregnancy test until the Sonographer can perform an early pregnancy scan. This is because we can only see your baby’s heartbeat after 6 weeks. If we scan you any earlier, the Sonographer will not be able to see everything they need to at this stage. When we scan you at 6 weeks, your baby measures only a few millimetres, and will be about the size of a grain of a rice.

If you have a scan before 8 weeks gestation, it is more likely that the Sonographer will only be able to see your baby with a transvaginal (internal) scan. The Sonographer will explain this thoroughly, and will then ask for your consent.

Yes. Ultrasound during pregnancy is widely accepted as safe for both mother and baby. We scan within the guidelines set out by BMUS (The British Medical Ultrasound Society) and do not scan for longer than is necessary. Our ultrasound machine is used in accordance with the manufacturer’s safety guidelines and is regularly serviced by specialist GE engineers. For further information please see the advice from the Health Protection Agency by following this link HPA. All of our scans include a fetal heartbeat check, and all of our 4D scans include growth measurements.

If you are unsure which scan is best for you, please contact our clinic on 01743 709064 or email ruth@babyvision.co.uk, where our experienced receptionist can advise you further.

You are able to bring up to a maximum of 3 guests along to your appointment, you plus 3 others, that is 4 people in total (there are no age limits so you are welcome to bring children within this 3).

You are more than welcome to bring children, however we recommend not bringing children to your early pregnancy scan.

You need to arrive with a full bladder for any scans before 20 weeks gestation. After 20 weeks it is not necessary. To obtain a full bladder, you need drink approximately 2 cups of water about 40 minutes before your appointment. If you become uncomfortable please go the toilet, but try not to empty all of your bladder. Your bladder will fill fairly quickly again if you are well hydrated.

Please bring any pregnancy notes to your appointment also.

When you arrive for your appointment, our receptionist will greet you and ask for your name and appointment time. You will then be asked to complete a short consent form to include your pregnancy dates, contact details, and any other information relating to your scan.

You will then be greeted by one of our qualified and experienced sonographers, who will invite you and any guests into the scan room, where we will make you feel comfortable and relaxed. Seating is provided for your guests. The Sonographer will then begin your scan.

If one of our Sonographers finds something unexpected during your scan, they will discuss this with you, and try their best to answer any questions you may have. The Sonographer will then make the relevant referral to ensure the process is as easy as possible for you.

Our kind and compassionate staff will always try to ensure you leave with all the relevant information about any next steps.

No, these scans are optional and do not replace your hospital antenatal scans.

It is difficult to know how clear the scan will be just from a BMI calculation as there are several factors which influence the quality of images. These include the placental location, your baby’s position and the amount of amniotic fluid around your baby.

However, a high BMI (over 35), will generally reduce the clarity of the image.

All of our scans require extra time if you are expecting twins. The charge for your scan is the same as it is for a singleton, however you need to advise us at the time of your booking so that we can allow the extra time for your appointment. Full 4D scan packages are unavailable for a twin pregnancy.

If you wish to know the gender of your baby we can almost always tell you. If we are unable to determine your baby’s gender, we will offer a further 2D scan at no extra charge. Payment for the scan will be taken at the initial appointment.

If you are having a gender reveal and do not wish to be advised the gender during your scan, just let us know on the day of your scan, and we can give you the information in a sealed envelope. Learn more

If you are unhappy with any aspect of the service provided by Babyvision, we are happy to deal with, and hopefully rectify any complaint received. This can be done by telephone to 01743 709064, by email to ruth@babyvision.co.uk or by completing this Complaint-Form, which can be sent by post. Whilst generic complaints maybe addressed on Social Media sites, Babyvision are unable to respond to complaints on our Social Media platforms as we are unable to provide a response without breaching confidentiality through this type of media.

We accept all major debit and credit cards (not American Express), and cash.

If you have any other queries or questions relating to our services please don’t hesitate to contact us either on 01743 709064 or ruth@babyvision.co.uk

Yes, you will need to pay a deposit to secure your booking. The amount will vary depending on the scan/service you wish to book.

You can pay your deposit via the online booking system (using your card or PayPal). Alternatively, you can pay over the phone, by calling Babyvision on 01743 709064.

If you can no longer attend your appointment, Babyvision will refund your deposit in full, provided you give at least 48 hours notice.

If you wish to change your appointment to a different time or date, you can do this provided you give 24 hours notice, and this will not affect your deposit.