Confirmation/Viability scan

From the moment you take a positive pregnancy test, you will want to know if your pregnancy is viable.

At Babyvision, we know how the early stages of your pregnancy can be a worrying time, and you may wish to check baby’s heartbeat prior to your 12 week NHS scan. This may be because you are anxious, or you may have experienced a previous miscarriage, or have a close friend or relative that has.

At Babyvision, we can offer you a Viability scan from as early as 6 weeks, up until 15 weeks, performed by our fully qualified and regulated staff with years of experience in early pregnancy scanning. We will check and show you your baby’s heartbeat, and also check the health of your baby is as expected for the gestation. We can provide you with estimated due date by measuring the length of your baby by the crown rump length (CRL), and from this measurement we can accurately date your pregnancy to +/- 5-7 days. We will also check for the number of babies.

Our qualified, experienced staff will ensure you have full understanding of your Viability scan and provide you with all necessary information on your next steps.

If the pregnancy is not continuing as we expect our kind compassionate staff will give you the time and support you need and arrange a referral to your local early pregnancy for continuing care.

During your Viability scan, one of our qualified and experienced sonographers will:

  • Check on your baby’s heartbeat
  • Take a measurement of your baby’s CRL (Crown to Rump Length)
  • Check the position of your baby (in the uterus)
  • Check for multiple pregnancies
  • Provide you with printed pictures of your baby
  • Write a medical report, of which you will be provided with a copy.

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