Gender Scans

Boy or Girl Scan?

Choose from our Gender Basic or 4D Gender Scan

It is so exciting finding out if you are expecting a boy or a girl. Book one of Babyvision’s Fetal Gender scans where you not only find out if your

baby is a boy or a girl, but you also have the time to watch your baby wriggling and kicking. These scans can be performed from 16 weeks onwards, your 4D Peek will be clearer from 18 weeks.

If you do not wish to know your baby’s gender at the time of the scan we can write this down for you to take away in an envelope to open when you feel ready or if you want to keep this a secret until after your gender reveal party.

We sell gender reveal items including, scratchcards, confetti cannons, and Christmas baubles, the profits from the sale of our gender reveal items are donated to charity.

We make every effort to obtain a clear 4D image of your baby’s face, however, the 4D image we get is subject to the position of your baby, the gestation at which we scan and the maternal BMI.

Our scan clinic, uses the best quality GE ultrasound machine so we are able to produce excellent 4D images take a look at our gallery to show you what you can expect to see.

You are welcome to share your scan experience with friends or relatives you can bring a maximum of 3 guests with you. We find that family and friends love the scan too, even if they were not totally convinced they wanted to know!

We NEVER GUESS. If we are unable to determine your baby’s sex we will invite you back at a later date with no additional charge. Payment will be taken at your initial appointment.

Why is Babyvision so accurate?

Research shows that ultrasound can not give 100% accuracy, however at Babyvision we only have fully qualified and experienced Ultrasonographers and use state of the art ultrasound equipment to produce high quality images. We also understand the devastation and financial cost implications that it can cause when you are told the sex of your baby only to find out later this was wrong.

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