Dating / Reassurance Scans

Dating / Reassurance Scan

If you would like some reassurance that your pregnancy is progressing well, then you may wish to book our early dating / reassurance scans which are available at Babyvision from as early as 6 weeks gestation. We will check the gestational age of your baby by measuring from the top of your baby’s head to your baby’s bottom. This is called the Crown Rump Length (CRL). This measurement can be used accurately up to 14 weeks gestation. If your baby is over 14 weeks gestation we will take measurements of your baby’s head (bi-parietal diameter and head circumference) and femur (thigh bone).The measurements will give you an Expected Date of Delivery (EDD).

Viability (Check on your baby’s heartbeat)

This is assessed by showing your baby’s heartbeat. We will point this out for you to see and take a trace of your baby’s heartbeat. By seeing your baby’s heartbeat at this stage we can give you the following reassurances.

  • At 6 weeks gestation 78% of pregnancies in which a fetal heartbeat is identified, will continue to term
  • At 7 weeks gestation 95% of pregnancies in which a fetal heartbeat is identified, will continue to term
  • At 8 weeks gestation 98% of pregnancies in which a fetal heartbeat is identified, will continue to term
  • At 10 weeks gestation 99.4% of pregnancies in which a fetal heartbeat is identified, will continue to term


Multiple Pregnancy

Babyvision can establish the number of babies you are expecting and if a twin pregnancy is identified it is easier to identify the type of twin pregnancy at this early stage.

Normal Development

We will check your baby is developing normally. We also understand that this may be the first time you have seen your baby so spend the time showing you your baby and pointing out all that we are able to see.

If a problem is detected whilst we do not wish to worry you about your pregnancy we think it is important for you to have the knowledge that you will be looked after carefully and professionally. If a problem is detected during your scan we will discuss the findings with you in a sensitive way and provide you with as much information as we can. With your permission, we will also contact your local hospital’s Early Pregnancy Assessment Unit or your GP so that further medical follow-up can be made and issue a report which you can either take with you or we can fax to the relevant professional.

How big will my baby be?

This will depend on the gestation of your baby.

  • At 6 weeks your baby will measure 5mm (CRL)
  • At 7 weeks your baby will measure 10mm (CRL)
  • At 8 weeks your baby will measure 15mm (CRL)
  • At 9 weeks your baby will measure 23mm (CRL)
  • At 10 weeks your baby will measure 32mm (CRL)
  • At 12 weeks your baby will measure 54mm (CRL)
  • At 14 weeks your baby will measure 81mm (CRL)

Additional Information

Babyvision uses excellent quality ultrasound equipment to obtain the best images, however, if you attend Babyvision and your pregnancy is earlier than 6 weeks gestation or we are unable to confirm an early viable pregnancy due to reduced image quality (which may happen if the uterus is retroverted which means tilted back or have a high BMI) we may offer a transvaginal (internal) scan during your appointment.

A transvaginal scan is sometimes used in early pregnancy because you can get a clearer ultrasound image at an earlier geatation. This scan does not harm your baby. The ultrasound probe is a similar size and shape to a tampon and this is gently inserted into the vagina. The scan will be performed with an empty bladder.

This equipment is available at Babyvision and is an essential facility when providing early scans.

The benefits of the transvaginal scan will be discussed with you in full if we are unable to confirm a pregnancy with the heart beat from the abdominal scan.

It is sometimes necessary to contact your local early pregnancy clinic or repeat your scan in 1-2 weeks if we are unable to confirm we have seen a viable pregnancy within the uterus.

There is no additional cost for a repeat scan or additional transvaginal scan if we have advised this.

You do not need a doctor’s letter for this scan and your scan can either replace or be an addition to the 12 week dating scan offered at your hospital.

Each dating/reassurance scan appointment will include:

  • An ultrasound scan
  • A complete written medical report.
  • 2x framed pictures.
  • A pregnancy information pack.

Cost – £55

If you wish to return for a second reassurance scan in the same pregnancy then any subsequent dating/reassurance scan up to 16 weeks will be £45.