Anatomy Scans

Anatomy Scans

Being able to see the developing fetus is reassuring for couples. Knowing that it is developing normally provides further reassurance. We examine all the major organs and skeleton to check for any problems.

When is the Anatomy scan performed?

The scan is usually performed at around 19-20 weeks gestation as this is ideal for gaining good images, This is similar to the scan performed routinely by the NHS.

However couples may wish earlier reassurance and therefore a scan can be performed from around 18 weeks gestation. In many instances the detailed scan can be completed at this earlier stage in pregnancy. Obviously this provides reassurance sooner rather than later. Of course having a scan at an earlier stage may prevent the scan being completed.

Will I get any pictures, a DVD and a written report?

These are all included in the cost of the scan.

  • Cost of Anatomy Scan – £150