Important notice:

Further to the recent Government lifting of restrictions wearing a face covering in England, effective 19/07/2021.

Please note that whilst attending an appointment at Babyvision wearing of a face covering will still be in place (unless you are medically exempt – if this is the case please contact the clinic prior to your appointment, additional precautions will need to be arranged).

This is because pregnant women are still in the vulnerable category.



Please read the following information regarding our services during the Covid-19 Pandemic.

We are currently offering
  • Early Dating/Reassurance scan (6-16 weeks)
  • Fetal Heartbeat scan (follow up scan after Dating scan with Babyvision, during the same pregnancy)
  • Harmony NIPT Test (from 10 weeks)
  • 2D Gender scan (16-28 weeks)
  • 4D Gender scan (16-24 weeks)
  • 4D HD Live scan (recommended 28-30 weeks, unless someone has a low or high bmi)
  • Growth Scans (recommended from 28 weeks)

If you are in any of the high risk categories you may wish to postpone your scan, you can check if you are in a high risk category by following this linkĀ…/covid-19-virus-infection…/…

Before attending Babyvision

Before making a decision to attend an appointment at Babyvision, please read the information in this link regarding those who are at higher risk of serious illness from Covid-19 including those over 28 weeks of pregnancy.

You may bring 1 person with you to your scan, this must be someone you live with, or someone from your support bubble (not a child support bubble). No children under 16 will be permitted, these measures are constantly under review and this page will be updated when any changed are made.

You and your guest will be required to wear a mask throughout the appointment time. If you feel you are unable to comply with this you MUST contact the clinic prior to your scan to discuss alternative arrangements that may/will be required.


On arrival at Babyvision

On arrival at the clinic we ask that you wait in the car and telephone us to let us know you have arrived. We will check that you do not have symptoms suggestive of Covid-19 infection or other indications that require self-isolation.

We may ask you to remain in your car to wait, as we only allow one client/couple to be in the premises at any one time.

If you are unable to contact Babyvision by phone, please knock the door and wait.


Entering the clinic

You will be required to wear a Type IIR fluid repellent mask, which will be provided by Babyvision (free of charge with your scan). Your guest must be someone you live with and will also be required to wear a face mask that we will provide. You will be asked to sanitise your hands, place a face mask on and then re-sanitise. Please place any loose items (ie, phone) into your bag or a clear plastic bag available at Babyvision.

Your masks will need to cover both the nose and mouth areas and be kept in place for the duration of your appointment. Once in place do not touch your mask as this may spread infection.

Designated staff/client areas are clearly marked on the floor of waiting area/reception desk for social distancing purposes.


Completion of paperwork

You will be required to complete a registration form, and include track and trace details of any guests. All equipment eg, board/pens will be sanitised between each use.


During your scan

Your partner will be required to sit 2 meters from the Sonographer (this is clearly marked on the floor in the scan room). With our bonding scans ie:4D and gender scans it may not be possible to complete the scan in the time allotted if your baby is in an unfavourable position, we may not be able to extend the time of your scan but will re-book, at no additional charge (for gender with 4D peek, if 4D peek unavailable we will change this to the 2D gender scan).


Changes to availability of services

It has been necessary to adjust some services and appointment times to reduce the risk of infection with Covid-19. For example, additional time is required within the appointment for sanitising. If we are unable to complete the scan within the timeframe allocated a repeat appointment will be offered, subject to availability.


Cancellation policy

If you are unable to attend Babyvision due to the development of the symptoms of Covid-19 including

  • A new continuous cough
  • High temperature (fever)
  • Loss or change to your sense of taste or smell (Anosmia)
  • or if you have to self-isolate because you live with or been in contact with someone displaying the symptoms of Covid-19
  • or if you have returned from a country on the quarantine list

Babyvision will cancel your appointment with no cancellation fee incurred and will rearrange for an appropriate date if you wish


Late arrival

Currently the clinic works with an allocated time for each appointment. The appointments have been extended to allow for additional cleaning and ability to complete a scan whist no other clients are on the premises. This is the best way we can socially distance, sanitise and protect you the staff and the wider public. This has resulted in reduced availability and flexibility within the working day. If you are late for your appointment, we will do our best to accommodate your scan, however we can not guarantee to be able to offer you a later appointment on the same day and may have to rearrange your appointment.


Cancellation of services

We will do our best to fulfil all appointments that are booked, however if staff within Babyvision are required to self-isolate or if Government guidelines change (ie: a local or national lockdown) it may be necessary to cancel/change your appointment at short notice. This is not something we do lightly, however it may be necessary to protect our clients. In light of any lockdowns announced by the government all 4D bonding scans will cease until such time the lockdown measures end.


Please be aware that this information may change in-line with Government guidance, we may need to change our advice

Please note your Babyvision scan should not be used as a replacement for any hospital appointment/scan

A good source of information can be found by following this link to the RCOG