4D Scans

Our 4D HD Live baby scans are a truly exciting time for you to see amazing detailed pictures of your baby. You can see your baby’s facial expressions including smiles, frowns, yawning and thumb sucking! These movements are wonderful to see and never fail to amaze parents friends and family.

Why choose Babyvision?

Our clients often comment on how great their pictures are and how clear they are in comparison to others they have seen. There are a few reasons why we produce great 4D baby scan pictures.

  • We use high quality GE ultrasound machines which produce the clearest images
  • Our staff have over 15 years of 4D scanning experience
  • We allow plenty of time to obtain good images
  • We print on excellent quality photographic paper
  • We frame our images for great presentation
  • We care about the standard of your pictures and will not produce poor quality pictures
  • Our team care about your 4D baby scan experience and strive to make your 4D scan a wonderful time.

To ensure you have a lasting keepsake, all of our 4D pictures are printed in colour and on high quality glossy photo paper. We present all of your photos in beautiful, folders or albums and use quality Babyvision printed CD,s and DVD’s.

When Should I book a 4D HD Live baby scan?

You can book your 4D HD Live baby scan from 26 weeks to 33 weeks, however the ideal time for a your 4D scan is between 28 weeks to 30 weeks.. If you are expecting twins then the best time is 23 – 25 weeks. Please call the clinic or message to find out when would be recommended for you.

We include gender determination during all of our 4D HD Live baby scans if you would like to know if you are expecting a baby boy or girl, however we can easily avoid this if you would like this to stay a secret until your baby is born.

PLEASE NOTE. If you wish to change your 4D HD Live scan package you will need to contact us in advance. It is sometimes possible to change the package originally requested, however to complete some packages this may take longer than your original choice and this can be difficult without delaying other customers. Please note the HD Live scanning is only available in our Shrewsbury clinic.


Please note our appointment times allow us to provide the best 4D ultrasound pictures, whilst following guidelines to keep the scan time As Low As Reasonably Achievable (ALARA).

We may need you to take a walk to help change your baby’s position. If we are still unable to obtain enough images, due to the position of the baby, we will either invite you to come back on another day at no extra charge or we can offer a reduction in the package requested.

Your 4D scan should not be a substitute for your hospital scan or antenatal appointment.

If your ultrasonographer identifies a problem during your scan, this will be fully discussed with you and your usual health care professionals will be contacted as soon as possible. A full report will be issued with supporting images.

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